Coaching Agreement With Implementation Video

Coaching Agreement With Implementation Video


Coaching clients to reach their desired goals and experience massive growth can be a fulfilling experience if you start the business relationship off right. Having a solid coaching agreement in place from the beginning sets clear expectations, protects your time and value and allows you to sort through possible disagreements (hello late payments and missed appointments) without all the drama or legal fees.  

 This template includes:

 Everything you need to protect yourself and establish healthy coaching relationships without the headaches. Specifically,

  • A clear outline of your services/packages and associated fees

  • A payment plan option with language to enforce late payments

  • Coaching availability and rescheduling guidelines

  • A disclaimer releasing you from any guarantees that your services will yield specific results, such as revenue

  • An option to terminate the relationship if things don’t go as planned - but not letting clients off the hook if they still owe you money!

  • Confidentiality Clause to protect your trade secrets

  • Intellectual property provision outlining the rights of both parties

  • Numbered paragraphs throughout to make for easy reference when explaining your contract to clients

  • Several other, very “legally” (but necessary), contract provisions to limit your liability and protect your bottom line

This template is for:

  • Coaches of all types (health/fitness, career, business, mindset, marketing, etc.)

  • Consultants and Strategists

  • Coaches/Consultants offering one-on-one coaching and/or group coaching

 What you get with your purchase:

  • 1 license to instantly download and access the editable template.

  • An implementation video that walks you through customizing your new template (you’ll find this in the same download with the template)

  • The instant peace of mind to start bringing on new clients!

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