Collect Your Coins With Confidence

Collect Your Coins With Confidence


What this product includes:

  1. Downloadable Workbook- Learn what protections you already have at your fingertips, what all that legal jargon means and what it can do to get you paid faster! You'll even learn what language you MUST have in your contracts to avoid issues in the future. 

  2. Checklist- Coupled with the knowledge you'll gain from the workbook, stay on track when communicating with clients in a simple, straight forward, and systematic way.  

  3. DIY Contract Templates- Not sure what to say or how to communicate without all the emotion? Better yet, not sure how to get your point across without opening yourself up to more issues? These DIY templates have already done all of the thinking for you. Just plug and play! 

    Templates Include:

    • Email Templates - Navigate the process without escalating the issue or coming off too "lawyerly."

    • Demand Letter Template - When emails just won’t do, lay out your points in a detailed demand letter, and show you mean business.

    • Settlement Agreement Template - Whatever you ultimately decide, formalize your decision in a settlement agreement and safeguard other aspects of your business (like your reputation) in the process.  

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